Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bathroom finished, birthday family visit and Mum

Hello there, here is how the bathroom looked before that renovation......we were happy with it, but oh my what a change now......

Extra loo and shower

Large bath which I am yet to soak in, but my 2nd grandson has and said it was awesome

The basin and shaving cabinet....thank you for watching this in progress and now finished ☺

I arrived back home on Saturday to this wonderful rainbow rose which the man bought me as a surprise and birthday too ☺☺

They apparently split the stem and put each part in food colour dye and leave for a day or 2 till the petals look like this ☺

Pretty neat and did make me happy as was needed......

Also on Saturday these 2 came for a visit and tea, how cute are they ☺ 

Also my girl and her fella 

The man and his youngest son

My 2nd grandboy who enjoyed that bath ☺

And who do we have here all blurry.....

It is Trixie, the new puppy for my son and his wife ♥

A bit of fun wrestling went on.....

Look at that cute face ☺

She even has been trained to roll over but that ended in a big blur......
It was real nice to have them visit as things are not that great at the moment, so have been typing this over the last week.....

I am putting this rainbow rose here again for my mum who was admitted to hospital last Friday and not doing real well.....but do know she would love this rose ♥
And I am going to have a long soak in that bath tonight ready for the next few days


  1. Dear Wendy. While I am so glad for your Happy Birthday :) times and your gorgeous new bathroom and your amazing rose, I am sorry your mum is unwell and in hospital....praying for comfort and encouragement for you and yours xx

  2. Oh Mum you are the Best Daughter, Mum and Granny we could ever wish for!!! Lol blurry sweet Trixie , I am lighting candles and incense for Nanny with a pic of her. I so hope you got that soak Mum!!! Love youuu xox me back to Nanny mon .

  3. Love that bathroom. And I've never seen a rose like that!!!


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