Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time away from home visiting Mum

Hmmm has been a little while since I last posted.....we had a short trip away from our home to allow for easier visiting my Mum. She was moved from one hospital to another which was a lot further for us to drive so hooked up the Winjana and booked for 3 nights at a foreshore park in Rosebud info here 

It is a real nice spot and had never stayed here and roughly 500 metre walk to the hospital.....our spot was away from the trees so good for the solar panels

A short walk to check out the beach, which I only did on one of the days briefly and then watched a sunset on another evening ☺

The good old blundstone boots I wear a lot are great for lots of walking

It was a cool day but sunny

There were plenty of these guys having fun as the wind was strong

Lots of colourful boathouses 

Zoomed in on a cargo type ship sailing through the bay

Walking back to the Winjana, which I love to sleep in, I always seem to sleep better ☺

Toilet block if needed was also close 

The sun setting and lots of cloud around

Lovely and peaceful down here 

Looking towards Sorrento where a ferry goes between one side of part of the bay and the other to Queenscliff ferry info

A sunset zoom on the ferry ☺

Plenty of bush along the beach area

Us all hooked up again ready for heading back home after staying the 3 nights......Mum was moved late on the Sunday to a rehab type hospital and is currently staying there for a while, while they assess her 

The moon was not quite full but good enough for me on Sunday night 

When away we often pack up precooked meals which we freeze so can have a quick meal any time of day....this one was a yummy curry chicken with coriander seed rice ☺

The man checking out the television ☺

I have certainly tried to occupy my mind between many visits to Mum with a bit of crochet

A blanket I am working on for a future baby ☺

And this neat grass and road crochet which is going to be a large rug/playmat for a little boy I know later in the year.....It is from Happyberry crochet and a fun part by part release each week ☺ I am also still working on knitted socks and Sophies Universe....can never have too many wips....RIGHT ☺☺
Thank you again for your kind messages re Mum, she is going okay but of course not out of the woods yet as they say ☺☺


  1. Sorry that your mom is going through all of this. I understand, though, as we went through similar things with all 4 of our parents. I'm glad you get to spend time with her now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wendy, you Teresa and I were all at the beach at about the same time! I didn't get any neat photos of beach huts like you did, though.

    I went through anxious times with both my parents in their later years which was difficult, but would have been more so if I had not been able to regularly visit as you are with your mum, so I too am glad you are near enough to spend time with her.

    Your road crochet project is very clever and I can imagine a little boy will enjoy playing with it :) and I think it is fun to have a few WIP!

    I'm headed down to CA to my oldest sister's home for several weeks and then maybe camping for a few days with my youngest daughter and her husband, but I will try to check in with you along the way :) xx

    1. Thank you Gracie and for some reason I am not getting notifications on your msgs....Yes beach times can be relaxing times and I need some of that right now ☺I keep adding wips lol Have fun with your sister and family xoxoxo


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