Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Something a little different

Hello my faithful friends ☺☺ Thanks for dropping by ♥ We have been wanting to do more with smoking we bought these wood chips to have a test run....

And this little faithful smoker had seen too much work and needed to be replaced.....Photo from when it was still quite

We got out our little kettle bbq and put inside a little metal box which holds the wood chips over the charcoal.....
Here it is after cooking and does have a lid that goes over the top

A bit of smoke happening ☺

And here are 2 of the snags.....they were quite tasty, almost like a chorizo sausage

And we ate them with this little walnut lettuce salad.......We also did some more today but were not quite as good so not sure about the smoked snag thing.....chicken yes, fish yes.....

This is the new bbq smoker which is a lot bigger than the original tin box lol and quite impressive it is......

Can even check that temperatures are going ok......

Plenty of room in here for smoking a few layers ☺☺

And a bowl to hold water to keep moisture happening within the food.....

We are wondering if we could make use of the herbs we have here in the smoker ☺ Rosemary


Thyme ☺☺ Food for thought lol 

And finally I am back on the sock knitting with the mini circular......lets see how much I stick to it....
Thank you again and may life in your neck of the woods be okay.....


  1. You will have many tasty meals with that great new smoker you got! Your herbs are looking good.. you should put some chives in. Nice colors in your new sock! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Smoking meat is something I have little experience with [except when I have burned it :( ] so I am interested when folks tell me how they have smoked meat...especially successfully :) I hope you enjoy your new smoker and your lovely herbs look like they are savory.

    I like the colors in your new sock, too! xxxx

  3. Ooh, love me some smoked meats! That salad looks divine.
    Yay for sock knitting. Looks like a great start!


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