Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Mum 17th March 1925 - 25th March 2016 ♥

This is a young picture of my Mum.....she died on good Friday at the age of 91 after a rough 12 mths of requiring residential care after a stroke and fighting bladder cancer....

A photo of her with my dear Dad her much loved husband who died in 2005
They had 5 kids with me being the 2nd youngest ☺and became Nanny and Gramps to many...

Here she is with one of her many granddaughters ♥ 

And with my Sarah her 6th grandchild ☺

One of my sisters and her hubby with Nanny and Gramps and 4 of their 5 boys

Here she is with my 4 and my brothers 3......she ended up with 14 grandchildren

She was able to celebrate a 90th for one of her friends ☺

Even going to a hens party 2014 

And the wedding too ♥

Celebrating her own 90th last year in March

And enjoying twin great granddaughters ♥♥
She ended up with 16 great grandchildren and met every single one of them which gave her a reason to smile ☺☺☺☺
We have wonderful fun memories 
Goodbye Mum xoxo


  1. I'm so sorry about your mum, Wendy. She was a lovely lady and much loved by all of you, I can tell. Thank you for sharing these photos and your memories of her.

  2. Wendy.. so sorry to hear of your mother's passing.. but glad she lived a long life able to see all her kids, grands and greats come. You were a wonderful daughter to her. ((hugs)), Teresa

  3. Wendy, thanks so much for sharing some of your memories of your dear mum. I am glad for the love she gave to you and your family and I care about the loss you and your family feel now even as you celebrate her life. XOXOXOXO


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