Monday, October 31, 2016

Meeting friends, Skipton to Blackpool

Here I am chatting with a blog friend I met online many years ago and we kind of hit it off and are friends via facebook/email too and I got the chance to meet her while we stayed in Bromsgrove....her blog was lucyinthesky ☺☺

Smile for the blurry shot lol 

we left Bromsgrove and then drove to Skipton to checkout yarndale.....creative festival celebrating all things woolly and wonderful

and I got to meet Lucy from she is quite famous and does beautiful crochet

and lots of knitted socks hung up!!

and I got to meet the famous Christine of winwickmum the sock lady with a great book check it out here

and I took a few snaps of yarn bombing 

cute sheep knitting lol 

and think these were attic24 lucy's mandalas.....check her blog for pattern

Goodbye yarndale......

On we drove to Blackpool which even Paul had never been (he is an ex UK dude) and found this cute B&B and the lady was very apologetic that we had the top floor and poor Paul was having to carry the cases lol but what a lovely room for the night  

and the neat en-suite 

and yes......look at those stairs and another lot down underneath 

Lovely room  

and sweet Lucy of lucyinthesky gave me these .....flying scotsman ale, tea and stitch-markers.....we have since drunk the ale and was delish Lucy.....also sharing the tea here at home now.....and the little stitch-marker which had a small silver snail on it lives on my handbag....☺☺ xoxo

Now in Blackpool they have this Illuminations every year and is apparently world famous illuminations.visitblackpool plenty of info here.....
and this was the tardis all lit up and daleks......

The street was bright with lights

the weather not so bright lol 

and dogs are allowed on the trams and a lovely couple gave us their tickets so had use for the next 24hrs....neat

going out on the piers they have it is like being in los vegas without the gambling.....busy busy and lots of music and lights

blurry more because of the wind blowing me around while ought on another pier 

see......crazy weather lol 

we still had fun though lol 

took this pic for one of my sons as he likes spongebob

spinning cups even 

tilt a whirl 

and a massive lit up rollercoaster 

walking back to our B&B 

Next morning we took another visit into the town via bus and ended up doing a HUGE walk lol
but there is the rollercoaster in the rain....

water slide even 

looking back as we decided to head back to get our car.......the park was actually about to open even though the weather was FULL ON 

Now can you see The Tardi and Daleks?

Off we drove, negotiating roadworks 

and booked into a local pub hotelcladhan where we enjoyed 2 nights and many good meals there 

It had 2 beds here and this office type area 


and look Woody had his own bed lol
Well hope you again have enjoyed.....I have never blogged so much in my life and trying to remember STUFF
xoxoxoxoxo till next time 

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  1. Wow, I didn't know you got to go to Yarndale! How cool is that? And a photo with Lucy and Lucy! Did she mention me? I did a watercolor of her Tor for her. I hope she is doing well. You sure did have a whirlwind of a fab time! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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