Saturday, June 9, 2018

Grandson recital and steam

Hello and thank you for the lovely comments last time.....seems blogger is now not notifying us when we get a comment to approve.....but I will check and approve as soon as I can myself xo Yes another Granny square blanket for someone 

Back knitting that sock from a year ago and watching final episodes of  "The Last Kingdom" have you seen this?  Watching via Netflix 

On Monday I caught a train into the city 

That night I enjoyed a spicy cup of herbal tea 

Very spicy lol 

On Tuesday arvo I caught a tram to Rex's pad and he was driving me and his partner Jason to....

Grandson Sebastian Secondary college music recital with a difference....This girl had a lovely voice 

Batty on one of his guitars doing real well alone 

And rocking it out on his other guitar 

There was also a heavy metal band which are really good 

And a drummer or 2 did solo's 

And another solo guitarist....great night we had 

Youtube videos to enjoy if you like lol 

In our local city mag this item looked interesting.....a real treehouse in the plan of works.....

Our town hall, thought I would add to my Instagram snaps 

Yes another Granny square happening.....keeps me sane at night 

Paul joined me late Wednesday and on Thursday we took a trip to the zoo 

Of course the lions were sleeping but looking cuddly 

But the Snow Leopard was up and about 

Think he/she may be a bit snarly lol 

Lemur enjoying some snacks provided by zoo for people to hand out 

And very hard to see here but there is a very  young gorilla with its Mum 

Plenty of bamboo trees around their enclosure 

On our way back my Sis Jule rang me and we caught up with them for a quick bite....Chris her oldest boy (she has 5 of them) and Carl.....hello Jule lol 

Yesterday (Friday) we went here for a look 

And this is all you will see as I took no inside photos.....interesting though 

And last night at the Southern Cross station something was coming.......


Yes steamrail with one of their trains, R711 

Loved being able to be there and take a few snaps....

Uncoupling the engine 

So it could steam to the front of the carriages 

Getting ready to head off on a 2 night journey....many people excited to spend the night on the train.....that will be me one day......

Diesel and steam side by side.....although a bit of info lets you know Oil

 Several of the previous modifications (notably the Lempor exhaust and power reverser) have been removed by Steamrail Victoria however it retains oil firing.  As of January 2012, R 711 has been certified for mainline use and has received a striking new livery of blue with gold stripe, reminiscent of the VR 'Spirit of Progress' era and the long-lost S-class pacific steam locomotives associated with that train

Now a couple of  youtube videos to enjoy xoxoxo

TOOT TOOT and love to you all out there xoxoxo


  1. Just caught up on your last post and this one, Wendy, and loved reading about your time with friends, family, Woody, animals and trains! You have much more opportunity to witness steam trains then I do. I wonder if your train service is more used than in the USA or maybe I am just not near a train line where I live now. Your granny square is coming along beautifully! xx

    1. Yes fun all round and you know I love that steam lol

  2. Wow.. I was very impressed with your grandson's guitar playing.. the band sounded so professional, I see a good future ahead in the music business for him. You're such good grandparents! Now to go back and watch the train video. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. He is very clever indeed Teresa and thank you xoxo


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