Thursday, June 14, 2018

Just a catchup post

Hello out there.....last week I spent the whole week in the city and had fun on a few walks.....saw this little dog dressed in a warm outfit lol 

It was a great week to be in the city as the weather was good as I walked past the Yarra River 

Part of the path next to the tram tracks that we often walk along after doing a bit of shopping 

Looking towards our little building on the left past the crane 

There it is closer....speaking of crane.....the one around the corner is still only half way removed....

Saturday night this guy dropped in for a visit 

Sunday was another wonderful day 

Paul trying to smile on the tram lol 

We went to this market

South Melbourne market info here southmelbournemarket  it is very popular and we like it here 

Sunday evening sunset out our balcony window 

Woody enjoyed watching a show on Netflix.....Frontier

Lovely close up of him......well loved this boy has been ♥♥

Monday we caught the bus and train back (works on the rail stopped our train from the city) 

Woody continued to watch Netflix.....Schitts Creek 

I burn't a bit of incense 

And last night (Wednesday) Woody got warm under a crochet square 

And we had a drink at our local RSL 
Now today Paul is driving us back to the city.....a few family/friends to catch up with and 2 cute people coming to stay Saturday night ☺♥


  1. I bet I know which 2 cute people are coming! Enjoy those little darlings. Have a fun week my friend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. sounds that you had a wonderful weekend! By seeing all your pictures i can tell how much you enjoy each and every moment.
    Woody looks cute and he is enjoying in his own world. Blanket for him looks cute:)

    1. Thank you for dropping in again and yes Woody is cute lol and just had another great weekend

  3. You do make city life quite appealing, Wendy. I enjoyed reading about your market and can see why it would be a favorite place for you to visit. And of course I enjoyed catching up with Woody's latest glad he appreciates the beautiful warmth of you crochet! Wishing you and Paul a lovely "grand time!" xx

    1. Thank you Gracie and yes we had another great weekend xoxo


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