Friday, July 24, 2020

Blog catchup for last few weeks

Hello......yes still going ok.....a dear friend suprised me with this neat scarf in the mail
LOVE it Jilly

And Teresa look we did go get icecream after seeing yours weeks ago lol

Finally sewed one long sleeve top 

We have bought a few trees to put in our back yard 

4 in total 

I need to bet weeding and planting some lettuce and spring onions....too early and cold for anything else 

My bulbs are shooting up green 

Closer to flowers opening 

Where Paul is going to plant the new trees 

Exciting washing on our side line out of the rain lol

On one day we were able to visit this sister who was near our home for 2 nights 

Her hubby Carl..... we had not seen them since feb

Woody wonders what happened to holiday fun 

Bella is still here......short daily visits 🐈🐈

The trees are now in......hard to see....1st one seedless Valencia Orange 

Granny Smith with Jonathon Apple grafted 

I made another chicken

Last Sunday this little fella visited and we had a meal at nearby RSL

His Dad

Missy and me 

Grown so much....4months now 

On with mask we are recommended to parts $200 fine if you don't.....

7 of these for me

Paul will have 7 of his soon.....out safely shopping

Just check Bella out 🐈🐈 Hoping she can enjoy Pork with us 🤔🤷‍♂️😂

My healthy choice of night drinking 

And made these Rhubarb low carb Muffins......really yum
Well thats it for now......numbers rising and sadly more deaths.....keep safe everyone xoxo 💙💖💙💖


  1. Hi Wendy! It was fun to see you having a similar chocolate ice cream to ours. It's neat we can share a friendship from halfway across the world from each other. I'm glad you're getting to see family and friends more now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Nice you encouraged us to have icecream lol


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